A One Furniture is a family owned and run retailer of unique, custom-made home and office furniture. Established in 1993, A One Furniture is a proud Canadian company that provides its customers of the Greater Toronto Area with unmatched selection and superior customer service.

With nearly a quarter century of experience in the business of home and office furnishings, A One Furniture continues to uphold the tradition of quality and integrity that the company was built on. Every product is guaranteed to be made to the highest possible standard. And, offering its customers a huge selection of fabrics in new and contemporary designs and styles, there is sure to be something at A One Furniture for everyone.

Made in Canada for Canadians, each one of A One Furniture’s custom-made pieces are manufactured using only local materials.And because the designs and finishing are custom-made, customers will find pieces in the showroom that they won’t find anywhere else. And expert craftsmanship also ensures that each piece is strong, durable and built to last.

And because A One Furniture’s professional representatives have been assisting clients with exceptional customer care for nearly twenty-five years, helping them select the pieces that are right for their homes or offices is simply part of what they do. Combining the store’s great selection of custom-made pieces and its superior in-store service with friendly on-time home delivery, A One Furniture meets the needs of any home and office space.

Our products

-  Proudly Canadian

All of the materials used in the construction of A One Furniture’s pieces have been sourced locally, each piece genuinely made in Canada. The company is proudly Canadian, serving customers of the Greater Toronto Area.

-  Friendly Home Delivery

It couldn’t be easier to furnish your home or office space. A One Furniture will deliver straight to your home with friendly and courteous on-time delivery and expert handling and service.

-  Huge Selection

A One Furniture offers customers an unmatched selection of fabrics in exciting new and contemporary styles and designs. With so many designs to choose from, there is something at A One Furniture to meet everyone’s tastes.

-  Unique Custom Product

Because each piece of furniture is custom-made, they are unique to A One Furniture and cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, everything found at the store is unsurpassed in quality, created with expert craftsmanship of the highest standard.

-  Exceptional Service

A One Furniture has been offering the same exceptional customer service for nearly twenty-five years. Furniture is what they know. And they cater to each client with personalized service, using their expertise to meet their home and office furnishing needs.

-  Part of the Community

A One Furniture has been serving its customers in the communities of Greater Toronto for nearly a quarter century. The company knows the city and its customers, meeting the needs of Torontonians with dedicated, expert attention.



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20 Racine Road Toronto, Ontario

M9W 2Z3

Telephone: 416.743.2872
Fax: 416.746.7259

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